IT Solutions Engineer Job Description and Requirements


Reporting Senior: Consulting Services Manager or Senior Management


We are looking for highly motivated candidates who thrive in a fast paced team environment at the intersection of business and technology. In addition to addressing daily technical challenges that our clients encounter, our IT Solutions Engineers combine IT experience with emerging technologies and business know how to provide solutions that make business happen.

An extensive technical background is a must in order to resolve client issues in a thorough and timely manner while exceptional oral and written communication in the form of status updates and issue resolution documentation is critical to exceed client expectations.

IT Solutions Engineers are responsible for installation, administration, maintenance, and troubleshooting, of a wide array of customer hardware, software, and data assets in varying environments while identifying and evaluating potential areas for improvement that best fit the individual business needs of our clients by leveraging existing and emerging technologies to provide business process and systems security, automation, resiliency, and optimization services.

This position requires some duties to be performed outside normal working hours in order to minimize the impact on client business operations.


Job Location:

The primary job location is the Morristown, Tennessee; however, travel is occasionally required to client sites outside of the Morristown area. Overnight travel is extremely rare, but may be necessary for planned deployments or events such as training or trade shows.



Work activities will generally involve the use of servers, computers, mobile devices, printers, and network equipment from various manufacturers. Electronic testing equipment and cable-making tools are also used. All Necessary equipment will be provided by PDS Consulting



General Requirements:

  • Must have reliable transportation, insurance, and a clean driving record – Reliability is key and the ability to show up on time is critical.
  • Ability to carry, setup, and climb a 6ft type IA ladder – Client environments vary significantly and being prepared for the unexpected placement of peripherals is necessary.
  • Ability to work with standard computing input and output in order to perform assistance duties – Sometimes user training is the best resolution to an issue and IT Solutions Engineers sometimes need to be able to use standard equipment at any workstation in order to train and assist users.
  • Individual must be able to pick up and move moderately large printers and computer equipment weighing approximately 60LBS – Server moves happen…IT Solutions Engineers can physically move servers if needed.

Standard Job Duties:

  • Thoroughly review, analyze, and document details regarding client IT infrastructure and make valuable recommendations to client point of contact and/or PDS Management on how to improve client security, business continuity, and efficiency.
  • Perform system management duties on servers and workstations, manage enterprise directory services, install and manage network equipment for various and diverse individual client networks.
  • Effectively document, troubleshoot, and resolve server, workstation, and network problems and research issues when necessary.
  • Install and/or deploy a wide variety of software and operating systems.
  • Manage client system disaster recovery plans to ensure reliable archival of all system data using a variety of technologies.
  • Manually Remove Malware
  • Maintain internal databases on computers and network information and document configuration changes as they are made.
  • Create and maintain accurate time logs of services rendered as service is delivered to clients.
  • Research, identify, and recommend IT products and services of all kinds based on the value they can provide to individual client environments.
  • Conduct and accurately interpret the results of diagnostics and testing on computer and network equipment.
  • Install a wide variety of hardware including all types of hard drives, memory, CD/DVD drives, motherboards, network cards, workstations, servers, printers, scanners, and network equipment.
  • Interconnect network devices from various vendors to build functioning networks.
  • Create, Modify, Recommend & Articulate the importance of strong Information Technology & Security Policies in a collaborative manner with other Engineers and Client Staff.
  • Combine standard job duties to design new and improve upon existing technology solutions and policies to ensure proper infrastructure and systems are in place to support critical business functionality.
  • Additional duties as assigned within reason.

Desired Expertise:

  • Personal Qualities
    • Excellent deductive reasoning and problem solving skills are paramount – Solving mysteries and engineering solutions to problems are integral to what we do.
    • Quick study with a broad background – No one can be expected to know everything, but a successful IT Solutions Engineer has the uncanny ability to quickly get up to speed on technology they may not be intimately familiar with in a hurry.
    • Cool Under Pressure – IT Solutions Engineers encounter high pressure situations from time to time. Our Client’s businesses and paychecks often depend on the systems we implement and maintain. Staying level-headed under pressure can play a major role in the most critical situations.
    • Integrity & Confidentiality – IT Solutions Engineers often serve as trusted advisors and may be privy to sensitive information and situations. Putting client needs first and handling sensitive situations with discretion is critical.
    • Ability to follow and implement instructions of a moderately complex nature – Following and creating technical documentation should be second nature.
  • Candidates demonstrating a detailed knowledge of the following technologies will be given special consideration:
    • Office365 Deployments and Migrations
    • Security Information & Event Monitoring Solutions
    • Intrusion Detection/Prevention Solutions
    • Network Penetration Testing
    • Network Security Best Practices and Implementation across diverse technologies and hardware infrastructure
    • Microsoft Active Directory Setup, Configuration, and Management including Group Policy Management
    • DNS in Active Directory and Hybrid/Cloud Environments
    • Internet Email Routing and message delivery troubleshooting on diverse mail systems including Raw SMTP Protocol & MS Exchange Log interpretation
    • Microsoft Exchange Internet and Internal Email Implementation, Troubleshooting, Configuration, Transition/Migration, & Administration
    • SSL Certificate Requests, Installation and PKI Management
    • Firewall Rule Management, Port Translation, Quality of Service, and Network Protocol Routing
    • SQL Server Database Maintenance, Backup, Restore and Upgrade Procedures
    • Application Development & Scripting Technologies and Design Principals such as .NET, MVC, LINQ, HTML4/5, JQuery, SQL, Visual Basic, VbScript, Windows PowerShell, WMI Queries
  • Industry certifications/Experience
    • Bachelor’s Degree or demonstrated equivalent experience is highly recommended.
    • Candidates with current Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA, HP, Dell or other industry standard certifications will be given special consideration.
    • Candidates with a strong drive to improve oneself and demonstrated ability independently obtain additional certifications will be given special consideration
  • Communication Skills
    • Provide superior customer services and demonstrate a genuine concern for client issues and their timely resolution.
    • Effectively communicate moderately advanced technical information to non-technical internal and client staff members
    • Ability to excel in a team-oriented environment.
    • Log and Respond to incoming customer requests in a timely manner.
    • Effectively communicate with 3rd party technical support personnel.
  • Organizational / Procedural Requirements
    • Evidence of successful ability to work with minimal supervision, to establish and meet goals and objectives, and to place priorities on work to be completed and to execute those tasks in a timely fashion.
    • Ability to focus on mission-critical essential functions of the job and organize work in an efficient manner.
    • Effectively document problems, troubleshooting steps, and resolution of issues in real time as they are addressed.